Monday, September 8, 2008

September 2008

September 8, 2008
Hello everyone! Today was Thomas' first official day to work in Houston. He woke up very early here in Lake Charles to drive over to Houston this morning for his first day! We are so proud of him!

September 6, 2008

Other than Gustav, we had two other visitors come by our home. Gran brought over two baby chicks from my grandparent's house for Will and Louis to play with(and return)! Will carried them all over the yard in the bucket. They had the chance to visit the concrete, his John Deere gator seat, the slide, the picnic table, the yellow tub, and the trampoline. Louis had fun picking them up....even though he wasn't so gentle! He is learning and was patting their little backs quickly!

Waiting for the Ice Cream Lady! It seems that the boys have learned the sound of the Ice Cream Ladies Truck when it is two miles down the road. As soon as Will hears her tune...he comes running for some cash yelling, "The Ice Cream Lady is coming!" Will usually mentions the word, Popsicle....and Louis' eyes light up! Here are some pictures of them enjoying their cool treats!

September 2, 2008
Well, we evacuated to Marianna, Arkansas as Hurricane Gustav headed towards Lake Charles! They boys that it was vacation time again! Thomas' grandparents - MeMaw and Pop Pop welcomed us with open arms and great southern hospitality! The boys had so much fun playing with toys that Thomas played with as a child. Luckily, we returned home with no damage!

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