Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Texas Winter Wonderland!

Friday, December 4, 2009:

After much anticipation and a lot of prayers from our boys, it snowed in Katy on Friday. It started snowing at our house right before we left our house for school (7AM). So I grabbed a towel and we headed out the door. Will and Louis wanted to drive with the sunroof open the whole way so that they could caught the small little flurries we saw. It was so much fun. The towel came in very handy to clean up the car!

Once we arrived at school Will and I ate our donuts in the fountain area just like every Friday morning before chapel, but to much surprise we found out we were leaving school early! How exciting was that!!!

We left school early and headed home. By this time(noon) our car was completely covered with snow and ice. Will thought this was awesome! On the way home it was pouring snow...literally. We played all afternoon and made two snowmen in one our of community fields (AKA...Charlie's walking path).

We had so much fun playing, making snowballs, snowmen, snowangles and even eating a little bit of it! :-) We hope you enjoy these pictures of our winter wonderland day in Katy!

Will excited about the snow and leaving school early!

Will gathering snow and a plan to get me!

Ready to aim.

Will made a snow ball but this time it was for eating!

Will Bear and Mommy!

Thomas enjoying the time with our sweet boys.
Lori saying cheese and its cold.

Louis getting stuck the first time.

Charlie's walking field and where we made our snowmen!

Louis stuck for the second time.

And the third time.

Louis loving life and his gloves!

Thomas adding another layer to Louis!
Two boys helping to build our snowman!

The Brown boys and our snowman!

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