Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Basket :-)

This is the donation basket for WCE school auction. I will be featured in the catalog and write ups. Well worth all the work and time to benefit our school and community! Let the bidding begin!

A lady here in Katy ordered 25 of these monogrammed initial button from me for a party and so I decided to make these Will's class valentines day goodies. I think they turned out great. It was so much fun to see how proud Will was of me and the fact that I made this for his friends. When I went to drop of the basket yesterday, I saw that several of them had them on and some told me that they put on their backpacks because their momma didn't want to make a whole in a shirt. I just love those kiddos and their "truths" :-)

Cute right?

William Paul

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