Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brown Updates

April 20, 2011
Thomas and I on our way to the Citgo MDA charity cocktail party and dinner. We have gone every year since moving to Katy. But this time I wasn't expecting so I got to get dolled up and have some fun. I am such a luck lady to have Thomas! So handsome and such a great role model for our three boys! We has so much fun, raised some money for summer camp!
Jan Carl (from Entertainment Tonight)
ARF! First grade musical! Will and Mrs. Huntington and Louis had to take one too :-)

Simon enjoying the musical! So now he is about 21 pounds and loves to wave "bye bye"! He does that for hello and goodbye. Such a cutie!
My new blinged out Scout mom shirt. New items are now listed on my shop....lots more to come :-)
Scout Fair at Reliant Stadium. All I can say is WOW! I have never been and it was a sea of scouting uniforms. And many different colors that I came home to, yellow, kahki, green shirts...all mean something different. We all had fun going from booth to booth and seeing what each pack had to offer.
Louis - sorry about the blurry picture. Pop Pop emailed it to me when we were at the dinner. The boys got a hoot out of trying on Uncle Andrew's bunnery costume. Doesn't it remind you of A Christmas Story! RALPHIE!

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