Monday, August 15, 2005


The Brown Family 2005

Easter 2005

March 2005 - Will learns golf at an early age...6 months! Thomas is so proud! He also knows how to enjoy the sunshine and wearing fashionable things!

April 2005 - Will finally get to ride bikes with us...on the back in his little own seat. He also went on his first boat ride!

August 10, 2005 - Will turn one! Baby Einstein was the theme. We had Wagon Wheel BBQ and it was delicious!

August 16, 2005 - Lori returns to teaching at Immaculate Conception Cathedral School. Middle School Science. Will came to set up the classroom with us. My 6th grade homeroom.

September 2005 - Las Vegas Baby! Thomas and I went to Vegas without Will. It was our first time leaving him for more than one night!

September 2005 - Hurrican Rita...we evacuated to Monroe, LA and Marianna AR. We didn't get any "real" damage, just fallen limbs and Will picked up with Dad!

October 2005 - Carving the pumpkin together. Will liked scooping the seeds out with the big wooden spoon. He was a friendly scarecrow this year!

December 2005 - Will helps us spread and set up outside Christmas lights....the race is be the first in the neighborhood to put them up!

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