Tuesday, August 15, 2006


The Brown Family 2006

January 2006 - On the way to 9:30AM mass at the Cathedral...we saw a fire truck in the parking lot and Will wanted to take a picture...it was not on fire!

February 2006 - The dirt pile! Will had so much fun playing when we adding landscaped bed in the back yard. He also enjoyed his first "real" Mardi Gras parade along with his little friend Jack Cunningham. I also took my 6th graders from ICCS to the Global Wildlife Refuge in New Orleans.

April 2006 - Our provisional project for the Junior League of Lake Charles, Inc....we decide to collect new and gently used books for Cameron Parish schools. One Saturday we setup and collected monetary donations and books....Will was our assistant.

Easter 2006 - Thomas and Will before an egg hunt. Lori and Will dying Easter egg and polishing them for the Easter Bunny. Will ate the carrots that we left for the Bunny.

June 2006 - Will (18 months) visits the Dentist for the first time. Dr. Moses is so wonderful with children...it also helped that he assistant was really pretty and he was able to watch TV lying down!

July 2006 - Thomas builds Will a swingset galore from scratch! It was 4 swings (one tire), a rock wall, fort, and slide. I am not sure who enjoys it more...Will or Thomas!

July 2006 - Aruba vacation...

Waiting for the dive boat to pick us up!

Lighthouse Resturant

August 2006 - Will turns 2 and has a Thomas the Tank Engine train party. He also starts Episcopal Day School!

Fall 2006 - In October we found out that we are expecting Baby Brown #2.

Lori Brown, Lisa Verrette, Charlotte McCann, and Lisa Trouth from the Junior League of Lake Charles attending the AJLI conference in Houston, TX. 8 weeks pregnant

Halloween 2006 - Our mighty Pirate!

November 2006 - New puppy....Charlie the golden retreiver arrives as part of the Brown family!

JJLC - Mistltoe and Moss - Breakfast with Santa

December 2006 - Will helps with putting up Christmas lights and the Brown Family train.


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