Monday, June 22, 2009

Monkey See...Monkey Do...Louis is TWO!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Louis is officially a two year old. Thomas, Will and I gave him a Ford F150 truck (similar to Thomas'). He was so excited and wanted to drive it right away...even though it was 6:30 in the morning! No more fighting over the Gator! Yippee.

We let him ride and then loaded up and headed to the Houston Zoo for his party. Will and Louis had so much fun, I don't think they noticed the blazing hot temperatures :-) Several family and friends were on vacation, but we had a good turn out. Here are some pictures of the party and day at the zoo!

We stayed at the zoo until about 1 or so. We loaded the boys up and headed home to Katy. They both fell asleep right away in the car...they were so pooped! I had to prop their little heads with blankets because they were in the deep sleep and their head were bobbing around :-) Sweet memories.

When they woke up from their naps, we headed to the pool to swim. Uncle Andrew stayed another night with us so they were very excited! We splashed and swam and will went down the slides! We came back home and made fajatas for Louis' birthday dinner! Happy Birthday my little Louis! We love you so much!


Kaela said...

What a great birthday! Looks like Louis (and Will too) had a wonderful day! I just love the pool, is that a neighborhood pool? I was dying to see a picture of you (from all your posts about swimming I was sure you were dark and blonde!)

Lori Brown said...

Thanks Kaela. I bet your boys love the water too! I am so surprised Louis' hasn't burnt to a crisp. He stays out there as much as we do! We just load him up with the highest SPF that we can :-)

Emily Hebert said...

Great pictures! ALL your boys are so handsome! And I love your yellow dress...I need one for LSU games! :-) I love those neighborhood pools they have in all the Houston suburbs...the one in my dads neighborhood has slides &'s like a mini vacation! Miss & love you!

Lori Brown said...

Yes, a mini vacation for us...just right around the corner. We have 3 slides too! And Will loves it...and so do we! Come visit soon!

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