Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dewberry Farms and Boo at the Zoo!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009:

This past weekend was jammed packed with fun! Gran (my mother) came Thurday evening and stayed until Saturday morning. Afterwards, we loaded up and headed to Brookshire, TX. Its about 30 minutes Northwest of Katy. We visited the Dewberry Farm. The boys love going and have barrells of fun! There are so many things to do at the farm!
Saturday night we had everyone over to our house for dinner. (The Browns, Barretts, Newcomers, Perrys, and the Vinnings). It was so nice having everyone and catching up again. The barbaque was delicious and the company was even better! And I got to hold baby Anna :-)
Sunday we went to Boo at the Zoo! It was so neat to see the zoo decked out with pumpkins! Even the animals enjoyed snacking on them. The boys had a blast and we ended this wonderful weekend at 5:30 mass! It can't get much better than this :-)

Louis' favorite thing to do at the zoo!

He rode on Thomas' neck the whole time.

My sweet boys!

Louis, Alyssa and Will

Waiting for the sea lions.

Jack-o-lanterns everywhere!

The new addition to the Maisi family.

Dewberry Farms - Rope Swing

PVC Pipe Slide - Will

And again

Indiana Will and his sidekick Alyssa

Two peas in a pod

Will and Alyssa in corn maze...who's leading? LOL

Dewberry is now a christmas tree farm (first year)

rows and rows of pumpkins

Ryan, Michael and Thomas

lunch break at Dewberry - corndogs and sweet potato fries

Louis on the rope swings!

and the PVC pipe slide

catching up!

He wanted this pumpkin :-)

Entering the corn maze and caught in the act of sampling...he didn't see the rules! LOL!

Hay Ride!

One of the many trailors!

The group minus Lori!

The flower Will picked for me:-)

The Hamster Wheel

Feeding the goats


jill said...

Looks like a blast! We thought about Dewberry, but figured it was a waste until Cole is a little older... When ya'll get a free second, ya'll need to come on over to meet Cole! I am here most of the time.

Lori Brown said...

Next year Cole may remember it more! LOL! I sent you and Spike something in the mail! Maybe I can come by without Will and Louis. What are yall doing for Halloween?

dewberry said...

Those are some great photos. I wished you would enter some of them in our photo contest so I can use them on our website. I appreciate your kind comments about the Farm and hope you make it a Family Tradition.
Farmer Dewberry

Lori Brown said...

We would love to! Do I issue them from the website?

Michael and Shelli said...

Very nice pics, Lori... I sent some of mine into the Dewberry Contest...let me know if you want any help submitting. -Michael

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