Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Adventures!

November 6, 2009:

We hope this post finds all of you well and enjoying this wonderful fall weather! It's been a super crazy, fun week. Below are pictures and captions. Most are random pictures of Louis' school costume day, parade, pumpkin carving, Mia's party, Halloween day and trick or treating! Hope you enjoy!

My two power rangers!

and again...before taking off!

Halloween party at the Barrett's. Group picture of all kiddos.

Will supervising :-)

Kailey, Louis and Jacob peaking in :-) They were too cute.

Trick or Treating



Kissing boo boo's on the way!

Main Event for Mia's party

Will bowling

perfect form :-)

Thomas and Louis - golf

Will teaching Thomas :-)

About to carve pumpkins

Scooping the "guts"

Will wanted his pumpkin to have
this exact expression.


our cookie cakes

Louis 'costume day at school

Louis opening the door at school

about to start the parade

someone let Will stamp them?!?

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