Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kindergarten Adventure

Friday, November 6, 2009:

Today was our first Kindergarten field trip! I was so excited about spending the day with Will and all of his friends. His class is so sweet and loving to one another. Mrs. Roberts had an action packed day planned for us. First, we went to Johnny Carino's to learn about wait staff and manners all while getting to make pizzas! The parents got to make one too! The kids loved this!

Next stop was to one of classmates Ranch! It was amazing and so peaceful. The children got a chance to see her trian a horse, feed many different animals and got hang out away from the city!

Lastly, we visited one our mothers at work. She is a OB here at Herman Memorial in Katy. She gave us a tour, told us about her job, let them listen to each others heartbeats, look under a micrscope at a piece of hair and saw a 9 week old baby on the ultrasound machine.

What a blessing to have a wonderful family, school, teachers, friends, and kindergarten parents to guide our sweet children in the journey we call LIFE!

My crew! I was suppose to have 6 put 2 of their parents drove at the last minute! YAY!

Group Picture at Johnny Carino's!
Will, Zaine, Tyler and Luke!
Waiting on their pizzas to cook in the stone oven.
Will's cheese pizza!
running to the ranch
recess break

sweet baby rabbit :-)

Mrs. Peay

Mrs. Peay, Will and Carlos(our helper) feeding a longhorn.

Zaine, Will and Tyler about to feed the goats.

Will loved them!

Joshua, Zaine, Will and Tyler ... one more break!

Will swinging.

Dr. Cole
explaining the stethoscopes purpose
Will observing the hair.
9 week old on the ultrasound screen. Someone did ask her how it got there!


Kaela said...

What an awesome day!

Lori Brown said...

It was a great day! Glad to spend the day with JUST Will.

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