Monday, April 12, 2010

Little Rock

Monday, April 12, 2010:
Wow! What a great weekend! We spent the last 4 days in Little Rock, Arkansas. We got back to Katy yesterday around 5:00PM. Our Memaw (Marcelle Brown) and her twin brother(Flethcher) turned 80! What a great way to celebrate in style! MeMaw is a Chi Omega too!
People flew in from all around the celebrate their birthday! We had so much fun catching up with cousin, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. Louis and Will had a blast!

While we were there we spent Saturday at the Little Rock Zoo! It was smaller than the Houston Zoo but we were able to get so much closer to the animals! It was such a great, long weekend!

William at the zoo.

Will Brown 5 years old! Little Rock, AR - Zoo

Silly Boys :-)

It is TIME for a double stroller! Riding as Pancake and Syrup isn't working out!

My two sweet boys :-)

Louis, Will and Mommy (and Simon) - 25 weeks

Look how close we got to the chimps! They have a new baby chimp...precious!

Louis' entertainment through one of our dinners in Arkansas! I think he used 30 packets of sugar :-)

Louis, Katie and Will up late WAY past their bedtime!

MeMaw and Fletcher blowing out candles!

MeMaw and Fletch celebrating!

Happy 80th Birthday!
Group picture

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