Monday, April 5, 2010

Bunny Trails!

Monday April 5, 2010:

This year for Easter for were in Lake Charles Thursday - Saturday. We celebrated Good Friday with a crawfish boil at the Browns. My parents, Brandon and my grandparents all came. The boys had so much fun and even went swimming! What a great visit!

Saturday the boys played out until dark with all of the neighbors! When it was time to come in we boiled and dyed eggs.

Sunday they woke up very early to see what the Easter Bunny had brought for them. They racked up on the loot! The Easter Bunny left real easter eggs in the front yard for the boys to hunt. I think William won! Aftewards we ate breakfast and headed to 11:00 mass. Thomas grilled ribs for lunch with all his normal "fixings!" After lunch we took a bike ride to get ICEES, our favorite cool treat; flew kites and played outside until dark! Happy Easter Everyone!

Will and Louis before church!

A silly picture!

Teacher gifts - Easter - made by my friend Christa. The teachers loved these :-)

Kite flying!

Our eggs...a few cracked ones placed down by Louis!

Brown boys after hunting eggs at 7AM

A work in progress! What a fun mess!

Hunting Eggs!

Before the egg hunt!

After the egg hunt!

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