Monday, February 8, 2010

Amazing Weekend!

Monday, February 8, 2010:

What a perfect weekend! The weather was so beautiful Saturday morning so we decided to head to the Zoo for the day.

We got back after lunch and able to get so much done! We washed and waxed my car, changed the oil, rode bikes, took Charlie for a walk, played with our neighbor friemds, and went to a birthday party!

Sunday we went to early mass and cheered on our SAINTS! The boys ordered a Manglomo pizza for dinner it was amazing and always a huge sight to see! Here a few pictures of our sweet boys...hope you enjoy:-)

Louis and Will at the zoo!

A favorite friend at the zoo!

Looking at the spiders!

A must each trip to the never gets old and always put a smile on their faces:-)

Watching the elephants get their morning baths!

Louis hamming it up!

Thomas and Will two of the three peas!

I think this was an illegal move and very dangerous! I didn't see this but Thomas caught him in the act ;-)

Will and Louis helping Thomas change the oil in my car!

Maybe too much help!


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Tararra said... have a precious all of your pictures. Where in Houston do you live, I love your home.

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