Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend full of Science!

Monday, February 1, 2010:

We have had such a fun weekend full of science and explorations. Friday and Saturday night the boys "camped out" in the living room and had a blast. It was almost too cold to play outside so...Saturday the boys made rock crystals and test for acids and bases with dad in the workshop! Sunday we went to early mass, lunch at canes, a trip to babies r us and spent the rest of the afternoon at the Children's museum.

We are now offically member of the Children's Museum of Houston! Yay! The boys are super excited. This is our second year membership to the zoo so now we can have another place to visit more often. Looking forward to making many new memories with our boys! Here are a few pictures! Enjoy!
Phone Robot built out of old phones!

Louis looking cool!

Louis deciding which tube has the highest viscosity!

Louis loving those magnets!!!

Will and Louis the conductors!!!

Thomas and Will working the pulleys!

We couldn't get him away from the water and it was freezing!
Face painting! Louis the mouse and Will?!? he is such a creative little guy!

Will's rocket about to launch! His favorite part of the museum!
Relaunced about 25 times!
Louis' turn! GO Lou!

Saying a big "cheese" and thanks to mom and dad!

Louis trying everything out!

Crossing the bridge!

My sweet silly boys and mom!

Will on the rock wall...


jill said...

The museum looks awesome! Glad ya'll had a good time.

cmhouston said...

Hi Brown family!

Thanks for sharing your fun times at the Children's Museum of Houston.

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