Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quick Update

Wednesday, February 24, 2010:

It seems that we have been busier than I thought. Our sweet Brown Baby #3 is 10 inches long and its amazing to be able to feel him moving all about...but no hokey poky yet! We are very excited and can't wait to meet him!

Louis is loving his new school and his new friends. He is always laughing and has the best little personality. The owner and principal of his school asked us if they could use Louis for their COVER and inside spread of the KATY LIVING MAGAZINE. As you can see he did great! And best of all...he hasn't been sick in almost 2 months (knock on wood). Now, if I can just keep him out of the slim Jim's :-)
Will is still enjoying his friends and Kindergarten to its max. His reading is excelling and he is just soaking up everything! His rewards lately have been book and he is just my super star! He has had a couple play dates after school at our house and gone to his friends Tyler's house to play this past Saturday after T Ball.

Spring Ball season has started even though it has been so cold!Here are some pictures of Will at his Valentines Day party, Valentine weekend; at the lake; at the pond; and enjoying hopefully the last bit of snow in Houston! WE ARE READY FOR SPRING!

Last bit of may not see it though :-)


Louis at the pond by our house.

Being adventurous.

Louis and Mommy at the pond while the big boys went golfing!

Louis at La Centerra after finishing his cookie!

William rolling down the hill by the lake in our neighborhood! SO FUN!

My friend Christa made these awesome cookies for both of the boys Valentines Day Parties!

Muscle Man during his Valentines Day party!

Louis' closeup in the Katy Living Magazine

Inside spread!
The cover. Louis is right in the front in the green shirt.

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