Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Boys are the BEST!

Tuesday, March 29, 2010:

Weekend update!
Friday (March 26th) Will's Kindergarten class had their "Resurrection party" at school. He are a couple of pics from his party! Friday night I had dinner with a a few of the other Kindergarten moms! We went to Eddie V's near Town and Country! It was so delicious and great company!
Saturday Louis and I headed to the zoo for his friend Jacob's birthday party! He turned two! While partying it up, Will and Thomas went to play golf :-). By 12:45PM we were already at the ball park for picture, a game and Sports Fest! We ended the day grilling and having a water gun fight!
Sunday we went to mass and played outside all day and enjoyed the weather and the ice cream man!

Everyday I write little notes and put them in Will's and Louis' lunchboxes. It really special now because Will actually reads them to his friends and makes me smile. Today when I picked up Louis his teacher told me how proud Louis is everyday to get his letter from Mommy. She told me that he usually puts it in his little pocket and keeps it all day until I pick him up! But today he fell asleep with it at nap! When I picked him up today he still had it in hand and it was all wrinkled and folded together! :-) So SWEET! I JUST LOVE THEM!

Will's set of Resurrection eggs! A treasure I will keep forever :-)

Will handing out his cookies!

Water Gun Wars!

Taking a break :-)

My sweet boys! They got me!

Will tagging someone at first base! Go WILL!

My concession stand groupie....Louis! LOVE YOU! Thomas and Louis cheering on Will!

Ready Position!


Mommy and Louis Morning at the Zoo! Cheese!

Louis' letter!

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