Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness!

Friday, March 19, 2010
March is here and almost over and we have been having a blast and soaking up every bit of sunshine that we can! It's Rodeo time in Houston and most of all....SPRING! Here are some pictures of Will's Kindergarten field trip to the Oil Field Ranch; Louis' school carnival; a 50's birthday party for Will's friend Ashley; t ball; and landscaping! Hope you enjoy :-)

Our entrance!
Lovely Landscaping

Far view...hard to see!

Boys helping after a scrimmage.

Our new patio seating set for the back porch!

Our popcorn maker we have been using alot and all neighborhood kiddos love too :-)

Will and ladies dancing, hula hooping and drinking milkshakes at Ashely's party.

Louis at the ball field

Stetching before the scrimmage.

Louis' school Carnival.

They rode it about 10 times

Louis riding the train at his school.

Will and Zaine on the field trip eating blue snow cones.

Will milking a cow!

Cowboy William!

Train ride! The crew!

Statue of Liberty and the kindergarten class.

My sweet Will and I about to feed the animals.

FWA bus ride.


Kaela said...

Whoa! You guys are busy bees! I love the new patio set!

jill said...

your house looks beautiful, and ya'll are having so much fun with the boys! Precious!

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