Monday, June 14, 2010

Citgo Friends!

Thomas is so fortunate to have such amazing people surround him at work! Thank you Citgo Friends!

Dear Citgo Friends,

We wanted to thank you again for taking time to visit with us last week, enjoying a piece of carrot cake and for the very generous gifts.

I took the boys shopping and they each picked out a rolling suitcase. They are precious and much needed with Simon's arrival coming around the corner for grandparent - overnight visits.

They also picked out a few things for Baby Simon. Will picked out 3 bath towels and matching wash clothes. Louis picked out a hippo and giraffe bib and burp cloth set. They are precious and will come in handy when Simon gets here! I know we will have some helpers at bath time.

Here are a few pictures of the boys and how excited they were to get their bags. Thank you again!

Thomas, Lori, Will, Louis and Simon Brown

Louis and Will both so excited to get their new rolling suitcases!

Simon has one too!

I think they are already planning their first getaway!

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