Friday, June 25, 2010

Louis is THREE!

Saturday, June 19, 2019 - Louis birthday weekend!

What a great weekend to celebrate our sweet little boy turning three! He had so much fun playing with all of his friends and family. He held his beach themed birthday party at our clubhouse and it couldn't have been more fun! We started the day there around 10am and left around 2pm. I think he will agree that he had a blast!

Louis loves Will to pieces and is always trying to keep up with him - toys, friends, tricks, lego, and his DS. So Louis finally got his own DS...a red one at that! His favortie color! What a great birthday weekend!

Here are a few pictures from the party, our evening stroll after his party and the next morning....his "real" birthday.


Will, Charlies, Louis and Thomas - evening stroll and walking Charles.
Two peas in a pod! I think Charlie saw Issac coming - his new friend!

Louis on his "real" birthday morning. He is such a happy boy :-)

Opening his gifts- a red DS!


Will's DS and Louis' DS charging!

His left-handed glove!

Playing his new Toy Story game.
Setting it up

Saturday, June 19th - at our clubhouse pools! Louis and Sarah

Brotherly Love - enjoying pizza, cake and ice cream.

Louis' birthday cake.

Will and Connor having a water war.

Louis showing Addy how to boogie board.

Goodie Buckets - stuffed with bubbles, beach ball, lay necklace, crayons, frisbee, tatoos, horn blowers and a palm tree lollipop.

Sierra our fabulous sitter! Louis wanted to sit by her!

Singing - Happy Birthday to Louis.

My hot hubby!

Will on his boogie board with his floating skate board on top - double decker!

Louis - 3 years old.

Boys before the party wearing their matching shirts I made for them to wear.

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