Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

LOUIS' FIRETRUCK MURAL IS COMPLETE! We have been waiting so patiently and I couldn't' be happier with the results! Karis you did a wonderful job and Louis loves it! It was the last piece to the puzzle...and his room! Here are a few pictures! Hope you enjoy!

The FIRETRUCK MURAL - 7 feet long

Side view
And again

Front view

Back view

Matching shirts I made for Will and Louis for his beach party on Saturday to wear with their swimsuits!

Will's sport pictures framed, matted and captioned! He was running out of space on his desk and with all of his game balls...we needed more space.

First soccer picture and first t ball picture.

First group!

Will - Summer 2010 VBS teachers - Ms. Heather and Ms. Amy (he also had two teenage girl helpers)

VBS Teacher Gifts

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